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Folder Protector is the software that can hide the folders.This ensures the privacy and security
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20 November 2009

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We are generally a bit careless about our desktop folders, and we often presume that password protection is good enough to save the crucial information stored in different folders. Thus, if you are looking for more than password protection for your all important folders, then just give a try to Folder Protector 1.0. The software is capable of hiding the folders to ensure the privacy of your work. It also includes the password protection feature so that hidden folders cannot be accessed by anyone except you. Not just one or two but you can hide any number of folders with the application. The program includes easy to use options like ‘Hide the folders’ and ‘Make the folders visible’. View your hidden folders with ease and get them locked again when you’ve completed your work.

Folder Protector 1.0 is a proficient tool that helps you to protect your folders by hiding them easily. To start hiding the folders you need to choose one drive and the containing folders are shown listed on the right side. You can select the folders that you want to hide and click on ‘Hide the folders’ that adds the selected folder to the list of hidden folders. When you want to use the folder its easy click ‘Make the folders visible’ and you can access the folder content. The program is best for safeguarding your important work folders as it is password protected that makes it accessible only by you. You can even change the password time to time for safety. It is also supported with a user manual that contains the information relating to the operations and the features of the program. Get the application and hide your folders to protect them against any distortion.

Folder Protector 1.0 is an effective utility that is designed to protect confidential work folders from any sort of distortion or sneak peak by others. The program has been rated with 3.5 points, for the expertise that it shows in safeguarding your folders and for its easy to use features.

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Folder Protector is the software that can hide the folders.This ensures the privacy and security of the private data.It comes with strong password protection so that no other person could change its settings.Any number of folders can be hidden by this software.Hiding a folder is very simple process.Just add the folders to the protected folder's list and click on button "Hide the folders".Similarly to make the folders visible again click on "Make the folders visible" button.The folders will be visible again.
Folder Protector
Folder Protector
Version 1.1
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Karsten Hansen
Don`t install the program, my folders dissepeared.
David Oakley
didnt work couldnt even get it started
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